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AI Traffic analysis – Detecting dangerous situations

🔴 🎥 🚌 Real-time smart public transport data, parking lot occupancy, traffic FLOW information, and even data for adaptive traffic control… all of this information can be gathered with ease with the FLOW video analytics framework. FLOW devices can provide you with a comprehensive range of traffic statistics in user-defined time intervals including classified counts, gap times, average speeds, level of service data, and much more. FLOW allows you to collect valuable long-term data for smart city platforms and can be easily integrated thanks to open API, Webhooks, and data sinks. What is more, FLOW boasts unique dynamic anonymization of license plates and faces as well as secured on-the-edge data analysis.
FLOW runs or range of devices from roadside smart cameras and TrafficXRoads units to city-wide server-based solutions such as TrafficEnterprise with centralized processing which can be easily integrated with the existing camera networks. Pick your device and turn your city into a smart and efficient ecosystem.
🖱️Try designing your own smart video analytics solution with FLOW´s intuitive interface right now! 📥 Download the FLOW demokit
📧 If you would like to discuss your project, and analyze your camera stream with our video analytics you can get in touch via email call us at +420 604 358 993, or drop us a message on web chat