Deep traffic video analysis

DataFromSky is a video-analytics platform for fully automated extraction of accurate traffic data using AI and machine learning methods. Turn any camera into smart traffic sensor and get valuable data from any traffic video for only 2,9 EUR/hour!

Advanced traffic analysis of video data

DataFromSky AI is a unique, globally trusted service, providing the super-accurate traffic data from videos either from drones or from standard cameras. It is capable of measuring a wide range of advanced traffic parameters thanks to the trajectory-based approach: analyzing current speed, acceleration/deceleration, classification up to 16 categories, safety analysis (measuring Time to Collision, Heavy Breaking or risky situations), configurable gate counting including O/D matrix, travel and occupancy times, headways, Gap time & Time to follow analysis, capacity estimations, various export functions and statistics and many more features…


Fully automated Traffic Video Analytics

DataFromSky AI can analyze any video footage from all types of intersections, roundabouts, highways, crosswalks, using any type of camera, in various weather conditions or day/night scenes.


Super-precise traffic data from any camera

Combination of AI and image processing overcomes the limitations of traditional methods of traffic data collection and brings many new possibilities in the field of traffic analysis (speed, densities, traffic flow, safety analysis, distances).


Offline data that you can edit at any time

Using our user-friendly and sophisticated desktop tool DFS Viewer, you can analyze the data up to every millisecond and display the analysis in the video.

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Not sure which service to use? Check the differences!

DataFromSky LIGHT

OD, TMCs, counts, up to 16 classes, intensities, traffic reports, traffic data from 2,9 EUR/hour
DFS LIGHT is a service for data analysis from low-altitude cameras for standard traffic research, providing classified counts, OD-matrix, turning movement counts and reports or even number plate recognition.
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DataFromSky AERIAL

super-accurate traffic data from aerial perspective, telemetry, safety (TTC, POS), headways, capacity, anomalies
DFS AERIAL is a state-of-the-art and fully automated service for video analysis from the bird's eye view (drones, balloons) for acquiring super-accurate time-spatial data such as speed, acceleration, Tg&Tf analysis, Safety analysis and much more. Created for research, proven by many commercial projects!
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Latest news

📢 The masterpiece in traffic data extraction from drones – an open traffic dataset called pNEUMA is here!

100 busy intersections / 0.5 million of trajectories / covered more than 1.3 km^2 / gathered by 10 drones flying simultaneously. A …

⭐️ DataFromSky on the way to autonomous driving! ⭐️

Already since the end of last year, the Chair of Automobile Engineering from Technische Universität Dresden has been collecting traffic observation videos for …

📢 Accidents detection before they happen?

Extreme accuracy is the unique feature of traffic data automatically mined from DataFromSky videos. Thanks to this accuracy, we have, in cooperation with …

Interesting analyzed videos & use cases

DataFromSky LIGHT

Can you count all tuk-tuks, pedestrians and cars in this video? DFS Light can do it just in a few minutes! Traffic flow hitting the rate of 12 000 vehicles/hour, quite a traffic peak time in Rohtak, India!

DataFromSky AERIAL

In-depth traffic analysis of a roundabout near Dubai, UAE. Study of vehicles speed and acceleration, precise measurement of distances between all objects in the video, amazing heatmaps generated for velocity and acceleration profile. 

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Sample videos

Don’t have any videos for testing? Take some from our prepared datasets: sample video for DFS Light and sample videos for DFS Aerial.