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All-in-one plug and play edge device

Multipurpose sensor, for detecting user-defined events in real-time that gathers statistics and enables triggering of responses for a variety of uses including adaptive traffic lights control.

Actionable intelligence at the edge.

Highly optimized traffic brain embedded directly in AI-ready cameras to perform deep traffic analysis of live video stream. All-in-camera solution for a wide variety of traffic tasks with cutting edge analytics.

icon inside

Inside the camera

The traffic brain runs directly in your camera. Taste built-in powerful intelligence running locally without excessive data transfer.

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Countless applications

Traffic monitoring, parking management, retail analytics or smart security have never been easier. Download-install-analyze solution for various applications.

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Ready for integration

Open API enables you to integrate your smart camera with any 3rd party system. Convert your camera into a data source for adaptive traffic lights, smart city dashboards or security systems.

Product applications

Traffic monitoring & management

TrafficCamera is a perfect tool for monitoring simpler traffic scenes such as highways or two-lane roads. In contrast to induction loops, it is a non-intrusive and all-in-camera solution capable of providing advanced traffic statistics such as category counts for given periods, gap times, level of service and much more.

Trajectory-based monitoring

In addition, FLOW framework tracks each vehicle’s trajectory in detail –  measure time of occurrence of all traffic events, detect car stops or wrong way driving. It is able to monitor not only vehicles, but other road users, too – including pedestrians and cyclists. Turning the TrafficCamera into the jaywalker detector is therefore a matter of a few clicks.

Active mobility

FLOW provides you with rich data about non-motorized road users for further traffic safety and design improvements. Utilize pedestrian and bicycle counts, monitor scooter users or people with baby strollers, track their trajectories and enjoy detailed insight on their behaviour in the long run.

Vision Zero

Protection of vulnerable road users is a maximum priority. Therefore, FLOW allows you to detect dangerous situations in a blink of an eye. Thanks to its wide integration options, you can easily create oncoming bike/pedestrian alerts, LED enhanced zebra crossings and other smart safety improvements to reduce collisions.
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Enforcement applications

Monitor driver behavior closely and spot problematic road users right away. With TrafficCamera, you can easily detect undesirable movements such as wrong-way driving or prohibited line crossing. Furthermore, it allows you to detect red light violations, making your streets safer.

Immediate response

Thanks to FLOW framework’s real-time API, you may instantly send the information about the event to another system & act accordingly.
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Public transport

Convert an ordinary bus stop into a smart one with TrafficCamera – monitor number of waiting passengers, protect their safety with camera surveillance and target them with cleverly designed interactive ads.

But it doesn’t end there. By installing TrafficCamera inside the vehicles, you can get real-time insight into the vehicle occupancy and commuter behaviour. Optimize the transport schedule accordingly – enable a dynamic public transportation control in your city.

Give priority as needed

Make the traffic flow even smoother thanks to TrafficCamera’s custom lane monitoring capabilities. It detects misuse of reserved bus lanes, allowing you to prioritize urban transport.

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Create an unforgettable customer experience. Adjust the store to people’s needs and let it react to their presence. Detect people’s counts, track their movements & get data about their dwell time. Visualize the insights with heatmaps and redesign your shops to generate more profit.

Don’t let your customers wait!

FLOW allows you to create smart customer presence alerts at the in-store counter. Detect queues and open new cash desks whenever necessary.

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Instant Traffic

Camera powered by FLOW is the most advanced traffic analyzer. Enjoy the power of enterprise traffic intelligence solutions without any hassle. Just take the camera out of the box and define your task with our revolutionary, easy to use visual traffic language. You will be ready to make informed decisions in no time. Getting deep traffic insights has never been easier.

instant traffic

Intelligence at the edge

You don’t need to build a heavy infrastructure for bulky video streams – transfer only the insights. They are light and travel fast. To your smart city platform, to the traffic-light controller or your computer. Get actionable traffic data anywhere and in real-time,  thanks to our open API.

TrafficCamera ecosystem

We want FLOW to be easily accessible so we provide extensive device
flexibility. You can enjoy FLOW as an application on a smart
cameras such as dedicated AXIS DPLU cameras.


AXIS DLPU cameras

Get FLOW application on the powerful AXIS DLPU cameras. See the list of compatible AXIS ACAP cameras.

Get your 30-day FLOW trial here: FLOW on AXIS smart cameras—obtaining license and installation.

TrafficCamera starter kit

TrafficCamera is not only a great standalone device but also an amazing device for trying out the power of video analytics AI. Create and deploy an end-to-end edge video analytic solution for traffic monitoring & control or active mobility monitoring.

What do you get:

  1. TrafficCamera powered by FLOW Traffic application (unlimited license)
  2. PoE injector with a power source
  3. 2x Ethernet cables
  4. One year of FLOW Traffic application updates

This is a limited quantity offer. Get your TrafficCamera kit for 690,- EUR. Only one starter kit per company! Ideal for initial testing of the FLOW system.

starter pack

Download demo

To configure the FLOW application running on the camera you need to use the FLOW Insights programme. It also cotains a simulated live stream for testing.

TrafficCamera Models

Below you can see a comparison of the key parameters for the 2 models with DFS linux OS.

bulletB2M7-55F70V1 bulletB8M40-110F30V2
Camera type
Horizontal FOV / Focal length
7-55 / 5.1-51mm
40-110 / 4.46-11mm
Max. video resolution
2MP - (1920x1080)
8MP (3840 x 2160)
Image sensor
1/2.8” progressive scan
1/1.8” progressive scan
HDR, WDR capabilities
Max IR distance
70 meters
30 meters
Movidius™ MA2485 VPU
Movidius™ MA2485 VPU
RAM size
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