Make a smart traffic camera under one minute

How to create a highway traffic camera with FLOW Do you think that improving highway safety is costly and hard? WRONG! Watch how easy and cost-effective it is to utilize a camera feed with FLOW to get advanced TRAFFIC INSIGHTS in real-time and use them to enhance driving safety.

And it does not stop there!

Using our visual traffic language FLOW is a walk in the park and it allows you to create a super smart multi sensor solution from ordinary video streams. For example FLOW can be used for parking, retail and safety too.

Do not believe it? Try it for yourself! Follow our step by step guide in this article How to create a highway traffic camera with FLOW

Did you know that FLOW runs on multiple HW platforms?

Some of them are:

* TrafficCamera – ALL-IN-ONE-CAMERA solution – look at our applications on the Security & Safety Things | a Bosch Company store

* TrafficEmbedded – the traffic brain for up to six camera streams power by NVIDIA Xavier

* TrafficEnterprise – centralized server-based solution for huge camera networks for the cities of tomorrow

Watch our 1st Webinar to learn more about FLOW here

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Mastering 4 drones into a traffic study – a real life project of city of Leeuwarden (webinar recording)

📺 A couple of weeks ago we hosted our third webinar together with our partner Tim Adema (Roelofs) explaining video analytics from 4 drones. 🚁

Thanks to that we were able to cover a large area for analysis and use the data as a feed for calibration of simulation model created in Vissim (PTV Group). 🏙🌆

It was a great experience showing our beloved solution #TrafficSurvey live. We even enjoyed it more thanks to the support of traffic engineering experts and their experience. 💪👷‍♂️

Do not worry you missed it anymore! A recording of it can be found on this link. 🎥

And if you would like to achieve similar results as Tim Adema, feel free to contact us ( 📧
or try the automated platform on your own – 🧠

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The partnership between DataFromSky and NVIDIA AI

🤝The partnership between DataFromSky and NVIDIA AI is a very special one. Thanks to the most powerful GPUs, the FLOW solutions can accurately detect the traffic data. 🎯

TrafficEmbedded as a local processing unit is powered by NVIDIA’s Jetson family. With that, it can bring the computational power right to the edge, where is the camera source. 🎥

TrafficEnterprise is, on the other hand, running on the most powerful NVIDIA Tesla T4, which gives exceptional results right on your central server. 💻

Give your cameras the sixth traffic sense, which is backed by one of the strongest player in the AI segment. Detect all traffic participants and create a sensor as you wish! 🚗🚐🚌🚚🚲

Try the power of FLOW on your own.

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Evaluation of traffic safety by GHD using DataFromSky

Excellent video presentation of DataFromSky capabilities for monitoring driving behaviours in outback Australia created by GHD. Using this technology they can collect data on dangerous behaviours including speeding, tailgating, risky overtaking and the exact time to collision to help their client implement appropriate road safety control mechanisms.

Take a look at basic safety metrics based on trajectory analysis and real kinematic models to detect risky situations such as near-collision, heavy braking, speeding, etc. 🦺

Would you like to learn more about the tools in DataFromSky for evaluating traffic safety? Contact us for more information! 🛫

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FLOW webinar #2 recording!

⏰ A bit late is better than never!

Recording of our webinar focused on edge AI traffic solutions (powered by FLOW) is here! Do not worry that you missed it anymore, watch it anytime on the link below. 🎬

You will hear more details about:
– what are edge video computing and its advantages and disadvantages
– what FLOW solutions do fit to the edge
– how is FLOW edge processing working with NVIDIA AI and Security & Safety Things
– where to use edge computing with a live demonstration

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