FLOW webinar

πŸ’‘ Our lifework is finally revealed! The masterpiece we’ve been working on came to life and we want to share that with you. On a LIVE webinar we will show you a new approach in real-time video traffic analysis. It has never been so easy to design your own sensor. Join us πŸ“… on May 21st and found out all the endless usage possibilities! Register here πŸ‘‰ We are looking forward to having you with us! πŸ’™ hashtagtraffic hashtagtrafficsafety hashtagtrafficmanagement hashtagsmartcamera hashtagparking hashtagsmartcity hashtagtrafficmonitoring hashtagdatafromsky hashtagsmartcities hashtagdata hashtagtransport hashtaganalytics hashtagdrone hashtagcamera hashtaganalyse hashtagtracking hashtagsurvey hashtagrealtime

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FLOW is published in Intertraffic Innovations Guide!

πŸ“° Our revolutionary technology FLOW is published in Intertraffic Innovations Guide! We are sorry that we couldn’t attend the Intertraffic show in Amsterdam this year due to the obvious reasons, but no worries, you can still follow up on our work and also read about us in the world-wide online magazine. βœ”οΈ FLOW is a new solution that allows any camera feed to be converted into a valuable data source effortlessly, with an overwhelming number of applications, such as traffic monitoring, people counting, adaptive traffic lights, parking. Read more in the article, page 42 πŸ‘‰ hashtagai hashtagsmartmobility hashtagintertraffic hashtaginnovation hashtagmagazine hashtagsmarttraffic hashtagsmartparking hashtagflow hashtagdatafromsky hashtagtrafficmanagement hashtagdata hashtaganalytics hashtagcowi hashtagsaast hashtagbosch hashtaganalysis hashtagartficialintelligence

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DataFromSky in Monthly Bulletin of the Institute of Highway Engineers

Do you want to cover a wide area and get detailed information about each participant? With DataFromSky and AI it is possible! Read more about challenging projects we have been part of in the Monthly Bulletin of the INSTITUTE OF HIGHWAY ENGINEERS available here πŸ‘‰ You can read more about our studies under following links πŸ‘‰ and Check capabilities of the DataFromSky Offline services for free and sign up to After you sign-up you do get 3 credits that you can use for your own video analysis! The process is easy and fun! 1. Shoot the video from any kind of camera (low positioned camera or drone) 2. Upload it to and wait for results 3. Download results and do the magic through our DataFromSky Viewer βœ”οΈ Give us feedback! Was it easy and fun? Let’s move to the next stage and contact us regarding your challenging project! hashtagai hashtagtraffic hashtagcamera hashtagtrafficsafety hashtagartificialintelligence hashtagdatafromsky hashtagtrafficmanagement hashtagparking hashtagsmartcity hashtagsmartcities hashtagdrone hashtaganalysis hashtagsurvey hashtagdata

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Keep your distance!

Want to get inspired on how to keep your distance to stay safe? See a great example of how penguins practice social distancing these days… 🐧

This amusing video was analyzed under the COVID-19 open traffic dataset initiative – the largest traffic survey community project to map the impact of coronavirus on traffic behavior. Would you like to know more? Take a look at πŸ‘‰! Thank you for joining us and sharing this post.

We hope it made you smile. Stay safe! πŸ’™

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Open traffic research dataset: Covid-19

πŸ’‘ Supported by leading universities, open to everyone. We donate processing, hosting and analysis tools for this one-of-a-kind initiative.

Read more about the largest community traffic survey here πŸ‘‰  

Would you like to be a COVID traffic surveyor? See the guidelines πŸ‘‰

Are you a traffic engineer? Give your old traffic recording a second life! Upload your video now πŸ‘‰

Are you a researcher? We would be grateful for your input. Join our Academy program πŸ‘‰

Valuable traffic data for a better future. πŸš—πŸšŒ πŸš› πŸ›΅

Thank you for sharing! Let’s make this a valuable research asset together! πŸ’™

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