The DataFromSky website uses “cookies”. A cookie is an piece of information that is stored on your device and allows websites to identify you and remember your choices, settings, and other.

For more information about cookies, please refer to external sources such as the What Are Cookies website or Wikipedia.

DataFromSky runs the WordPress CMS which uses cookies to:

  • remember your choice of language
  • remember your authorization to view protected content (saves you re-typing passwords)
  • let you manage your comments (we disabled comments but their cookies are always on)
  • keep track of the logged-in users (this should not apply to you as a visitor)
  • remember when you agree with use of cookies (so that you are not nagged again)

Apart from these, we use Google Analytics, which set a number of cookies too and can track you across multiple websites.

In compliance with the EU law and according to common netiquette, we strive to inform you best about our use of cookies and your right to reject them. However, they are integral to the experience on our website. In case you do not wish to have our cookies stored on your device, please refrain from using our website, or set your browser and device appropriately.