TrafficSurvey – Video post-processing platform



Bird's-eye-view insights in real time

Acquire situational awareness better than provided by police helicopters. Deployed in minutes, persistent for days. The acclaimed DataFromSky analytic power available in the field, interactively.
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    Key features

    TrafficDrone icon intelligence

    Universal Aerial Intelligence

    Looking at the world from above brings insight into situations that might not be clear from the ground. Be it traffic, law enforcement, public safety, perimeter security, retail … you name it.

    TrafficDrone icon accuracy

    Always ready

    Easily transportable, intelligent, discrete. Prepare the system for operation in a few minutes, including the configuration. Be in control of any situation, now.

    TrafficDrone icon compatibility

    Compatible with any drone

    Ingests video data from HDMI and SDI inputs, capable to connect to any video stream in H264/265 format over network. No matter the drone technology you operate, we work with it.


    Build tough

    Packed in a rugged Peli case, the TrafficDrone Unit is designed for heavy duty in the field 24/7. Do not worry about the elements – focus on your mission.

    TrafficDrone icon augmented

    Augmented live video

    The video stream from the drone is processed in real-time and enhanced with actionable insights. See what you get in real-time and record visual evidence for the events you need.

    TrafficDrone icon FLOW

    Impressive total package

    For AI-assisted aerial surveillance, it offers an impressive all-in-one package. Powered by the FLOW framework, it provides plenty of integration possibilities via APIs and physical interfaces.

    The TrafficDrone development has been co-financed from the state budget by the Technology agency of the Czech Republic under the DELTA 6 Programme

    Product applications

    Traffic monitoring & management

    The most detailed traffic data at your fingertips.

    In real time.

    Velocity measurement with accuracy better than fixed systems. Origin-destination matrices, time-gaps, headways, near-misses, detection of stationary vehicles, illegal maneuvers and other advanced metrics. Instantly available and easily configurable so that you can focus on making the roads safer.


    Enforcement applications

    Monitor driver behavior closely and spot problematic road users right away. With TrafficDrone, you can measure speed, gap times, and easily detect undesirable movements such as wrong-way driving or prohibited line crossing.

    Thanks to FLOW framework’s real-time architecture and API, you can distribute the event details to responsible bodies instantly.

    Detect dangerous driving

    Perimeter protection

    Never miss a single dangerous motion!

    Protection of critical infrastructure or assets requires a relentless attention to detail while never losing the big picture. Our advanced AI is not prone to fatigue or human errors – persistent surveillance at its best. Overview the situation with a reassuring feeling that every single movement is automatically analyzed according to your criteria and won’t be missed.

    Perimeter video

    Crowd management

    Protect public gatherings with confidence

    Accurate and reliable data give you the confidence to protect and manage large crowds, be it a demonstration, concert or a local sport event. Detect potential hotspots with density alerts, overview the situation with movement heatmaps or just evaluate the best ice-cream stall by counting the number of people in a queue. 

    See the crowd

    Aerial intelligence. Delivered.

    Our proprietary AI is able to extract microscopic details from the video footage even under harsh conditions. Is it raining, foggy or middle of the night? Don’t worry, we won’t let you down. The same bears true for our hardware.

    See through fog
    Detect at night

    TrafficDrone contents

    Simply powerful, modular by design – the new dimension of mobile surveilance

    Traffic Drone TETHER 1.3 components

    Tethered station for unlimited flying 

    up to 70 meters

    Traffic Drone AI UNIT 1.3 components

    TrafficDrone unit 

    AI powered real-time analytics

    Traffic Drone DRONE 1.3 components

    The drone with a camera system

    visual / thermal

    The Unit - robust mobile housing with extreme AI power

    With GPU-accelerated NVIDIA technology, the Aerial Processing was primarily developed for processing high-definition videos from drones and mobile use. The unit was specially designed for requirements such as shock, vibration, and higher temperatures. It features HDMI and SDI input, multiple USB-A and USB-C interfaces, Ethernet port, WiFi connectivity and three HDMI-out interfaces. For visual evidence, the flash memory can be expanded from 500 GB to 2 TB.

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    Tailored to your needs

    Select the solution that suits you best. We offer a fine-tuned turn-key solution ready to be deployed in the field minutes after you receive it. You can get our rugged Intelligence unit ready for integration with your existing unmanned fleet. Or you can run our analytics at your data centre, leveraging video streams from multiple aerial vehicles. And possibly merging them with insights from fixed cameras. The possibilities are endless.

    Complete package

    • DJI M210 drone + X5s
    • Elistair Ligh-T V4 tether - persistent surveillance
    • Rugged AI processing unit
    • FLOW Aerial licence
    • Real-time insights
    • Data under your control
    • On site processing

    Processing unit

    • Your own drone
    • Your own tether
    • Rugged AI processing unit
    • FLOW Aerial licence
    • Real-time insights
    • Data under your control
    • On site processing

    Enterprise Aerial

    • Your own drone
    • Your own tether
    • Your own processing hardware
    • FLOW Aerial licence(s)
    • Real-time insights
    • Data under your control
    • Centralized processing
    Complete package Processing unit Enterprise Aerial

    On site processing

    On site processing

    Centralized processing

    DJI M210 drone + X5s

    Your own drone

    Your own drone

    Elistair Ligh-T V4 tether for persistent surveillance

    Your own tether

    Your own tether

    Let's disscuss the ideal option for your project

    Do you want to find a perfect solution? We are here to help you out.

    The TrafficDrone development has been co-financed from the state budget by the Technology agency of the Czech Republic under the DELTA 6 Programme.