TrafficSurvey – Video post-processing platform

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Keep your FLOW framework running
no matter the version

If you keep your FLOW updated both on Block and Insights side, you will enjoy the best possible FLOW experience with the most advanced features and performance enhancements.

Latest FLOW versions

FLOW Insights Demokit – Win installer: download the latest version 

FLOW Insights Demokit  Win portable: download the latest version

FLOW (without Demokit) – Linux packagedownload the latest version

FLOW Block: To update your device to the latest version, please contact us at

Previous versions

If keeping your system updated is not possible for any reason, we have prepared a compatibility table for you to clarify which versions are interoperable. You can find direct download links in the table below:


FLOW Block

  • 1.4.0 - 1.7.2
  • 1.8.0 - 1.8.4
  • 1.9.2 - 1.9.6
  • 1.10.0 - 1.10.2
  • 1.11.0 - 1.11.3
  • 1.12.0 - 1.12.8
  • 1.13.0 - 1.13.1
  • 1.14.0
  • 1.15.0 - 1.15.7

update packages

The following table shows the update packages for the various TrafficCamera product lines. The updates for cameras with Azena OS are available at the Azena storeTo learn how to set up FLOW on AXIS smart cameras read this article. To learn how update FLOW on your DFS intel Movidius cameras refer to the information in the TrafficCamera manual here.


FLOW Block

  • 1.15.6
  • 1.12.4


  • FLOW Traffic
  • FLOW Traffic

FLOW Block

  • 1.14.0
  • 1.12.0


  • FLOW Traffic
  • FLOW Traffic