Turn any camera into smart data source with ON-BOARD deep video analytics.

The sixth traffic sense in the form of a wireless antivandal
outdoor device with IP66, PoE, and GPIO ports is
here! Discover the new generation of fully configurable
deep traffic analyzer that smart cities love!

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Compatible with any camera

TrafficEmbedded series is compatible with any type of IP camera with H264/H265 RTSP video stream. Convert any camera to super sensor by plug in the cable.

Full onboard processing

The devices are equipped with powerful, GDPR compliant deep-video analytic processors for on-board processing of image streams. No images are sent or stored.

For all
smart city tasks

Traffic monitoring, parking management, smart intersections and much more. The unit could be configured via visual configuration tool FLOW.

Small, yet powerful. So TrafficEmbedded.

Fully configurable embedded deep-AI video analytic device prepared for all smart city tasks including traffic control & monitoring, parking management and people counting with open API and various connectivity options.

01. for any smart traffic application

Smart roads need smart sensors

Wire your traffic task by TrafficEmbedded with FLOW inside. Drag and drop analytical modules for traffic:

  • monitoring – spatial, temporal and attributes filters
  • control – connect smart traffic data with light controllers
  • safety – detect accidents before they happen
  • understanding – configurable dashboards, various visualization options
02. how it works

Configure the sixth traffic sense

In live camera stream, deep traffic AI detects the objects, categorizes them into 8 classes and analyzes their movements. It automatically measures the speed, staying and passage time, recognizes color, license plate, etc. Extracted structured data is further processed by user-defined queries which could be composed from various deep analytical functions such as congestion or group detection.

Program your traffic task, configure your sixth traffic sense with FLOW inside.

03. Take a closer look

Data storage and full analytic tools included

TrafficEmbedded is a standalone device with own data storage dimensioned to store raw trajectories at least from the last 14 days for interactive traffic queries and to store the results from the analysis for unlimited time. It is fully compliant FLOW device which allows you to create your own data dashboard and manage the unit remotely.

Technical specification

Select the solution which suits you best


  • one camera stream


  • snapshot processing
  • detection of multiple objects

Image analytic modules

  • categorization into 8 categories
  • color detection
  • license plate detection (optionally)


  • public transport
  • smart parking
  • not-time critical applications

Technical specification

  • 230V AC, 25W
  • operation temperature -20°– 60°
  • aluminium housing
  • 300x250x153 / 5.5 kg
  • 1xETH (RJ45), WiFI, LTE, LORA
  • IP 66


  • up to 6 camera streams


  • continuous processing
  • detection & tracking multiple objects

Image analytic modules

  • all from nano
  • red-light detector
  • 2.5D localization


  • real-time traffic monitoring and control
  • gate counting
  • complex behavior-based analysis

Technical specification

  • 230V AC, 50W
  • operation temperature -20°– 60°
  • aluminium housing
  • 300x250x153 / 7.5 kg
  • 3xETH (RJ45), WiFI, LTE, LORA
  • IP 66

Let’s discuss the best option for your project

Get in touch to see the details of your specific project and your requirements to build your custom solution. We are here to help you out.

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Not sure if TrafficEmbedded is suitable for your application? Do you have any special requirements? We are keen to help you.