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Free road traffic datasets by TU Dresden – 800 minutes of drone video for each of the 3 data sets

Brand new #Free and very unique #Datasets containing trajectory data from our #TrafficSurvey have been published by our partner university Technische Universität Dresden!
These include data from one 4-way and two 3-way intersections, and more than 800 minutes of video per data set. They contain trajectories, raw video material, and extensive metadata encompassing 100 variables for each video such as current road surface temperature or road conditions. The datasets are suitable for example suitable for extracting test scenarios to assess #AutomatedDrivingSystems
The authors of the dataset and the report are Maximilian B., Prof. Dr.-Ing. Günther Prokop and Matthias Lehmann from the LKT – Lehrstuhl Kraftfahrzeugtechnik
You can get the datasets, read a report on how they are made and also how can they be used with an example of analyzing traffic conflicts on this link.
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