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All FLOW applications in ACAP version are compatible with AXIS cameras equipped with DLPU. Click on the respective ARTPEC version to view the lists of the supported cameras with ARTPEC-7 and ARTPEC-8.

AXIS compatibility table for FLOW ACAP

FLOW ACAP supports the following AXIS DLPU cameras
ARTPEC-7 – Q1615 Mk III
ARTPEC-8 – Q1656 and P1465-LE

Recommended minimum AXIS firmware version is 11.4.63FLOW ACAP might also work with other AXIS DLPU cameras but it has not been tested and verified as with the cameras mentioned above. 

Please refer to this article for guidance on how to set up FLOW on AXIS smart cameras.

Latest FLOW versions

FLOW Insights – exe file: Download the latest version of FLOW installer

FLOW Insights – zip file: Download the latest version of portable FLOW

FLOW Block ACAP ARTPEC-7: Download the latest version

FLOW Block ACAP ARTPEC-8: Download the latest version

Previous FLOW versions

If keeping your system updated is not possible for any reason, we have prepared a compatibility table for you to clarify which versions are interoperable. You can find direct download links in the table below: