TrafficSurvey – Video post-processing platform

TrafficEnterprise – Smart cities made easy — product highlight

TrafficEnterprise is an extremely efficient on-premise video-analytic platform for real-time traffic monitoring and measuring in cities with existing camera infrastructure. It enables to connect any RTSP camera or video management system such as Milestone Systems‘ XProtect to convert the video streams into traffic knowledge. In-built AI-based traffic framework FLOW allows you to monitor the city roads to detect traffic jams, measure the utilization of cyclist paths or parking lots, evaluate traffic safety, and much more. All this data can be visualized on the customized public dashboards in various forms including statistics and shared with smart city platforms via open API.

The smart city starts with smart data for smart decisions. Make your city smart and give a new purpose to existing cameras as universal smart city sensors with TrafficEnterprise.

Would you like to see it in action and hear about the real use cases from the cities powered by TrafficEnterprsie? Visit InterTrafffic award nominee DataFromSky at Intertraffic Amsterdam 29 MAR – 1 APR 2022 – both 05.401; Register now for free!

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