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TrafficDrone mobile processing unit – revolutionary product for monitoring and surveillance applications

TrafficDrone mobile surveillance unit is a revolutionary product for monitoring and surveillance applications. It is a durable and quick to deploy solution providing real-time data in places where it was unimaginable before. It provides complete solutions for traffic monitoring, boundary line protection, or area security.

With TrafficDrone you can gather various traffic statistics, detect the presence of a specific object, measure the section speed, recognize abnormal behavior, and much more. The unit runs the powerful video-analytic framework FLOW. Thanks to its intuitive and clear drag, drop, connect controls, you can set up monitoring task in a couple of seconds including the action on the detected event such as data recording, alert triggering etc…

📺 You can watch a recording of the DataFromSky part of the live co-demonstration of the TrafficDrone and Safe-T tether station with Elistair here:

💡 Learn more about TrafficDrone a new state-of-the-art product in mobile surveillance systems providing great coverage and a wide range of use-cases in a single packag. Web page

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