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Traffic fatalities hit a 16-year high in 2021, with pedestrian deaths up 13% (42,915 deaths total) – USA

💀🚶🚗 Traffic fatalities hit a 16-year high in 2021, with pedestrian deaths up 13% (42,915 deaths total)* in the USA, highlighting the importance of implementing traffic safety measures to protect lives. Among the proposed methods for the improvement of this dire statistic are automated enforcement programs for speeding and red-light running. These are useful systems but unfortunately not comprehensive ones as they don’t allow the detection of other dangerous behaviors like U-turns, stop sign running, illegal lane changes, or most importantly the detection of conflicts between cars and pedestrians.
🛣️ With DataFromSky solutions, you can improve road safety in multiple ways. Utilize TrafficSurvey AI video post-processing data to detect and analyze dangerous situations using advanced indicators such as time to collision, heavy braking detection, post-encroachment time or speed, and acceleration heatmaps. With data from our real-time traffic analysis framework FLOW, you can adaptively control traffic to prolong signals to give vehicles more time to leave intersections, protect crossing pedestrians or prolong red lights for conflicting directions when a red light runner is detected. Not only that but you can gather statistics on a variety of traffic violations including ones that are not possible with regular systems like u-turns or stop signs running.

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*Read the full article by Dan Zukowski here
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