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Shoulder parking detection in real-time with FLOW – How-to series

πŸš—β—οΈ Vehicles stopped on the road shoulder not only slow down the traffic, but they can also lead to car accidents. With #FLOWInsights you can monitor traffic flow on the highway, detect various events including various traffic violations and set up real-time responses for each of them. πŸ“’

πŸŽ₯ FLOW is a multi-sensor system for a variety of traffic detection tasks. FLOW is very powerful thanks to its versatility being able to serve many applications all at the same time. Monitor traffic flow and gather statistics, detect traffic violations, manage parking or manage traffic adaptively. FLOW is available on a range of devices including the EDGE TrafficCamera or TrafficEmbedded for real-time video analytics. We also offer centralized server solution TrafficEnterprise for large-scale projects that can be easily integrated with existing camera networks for wide area coverage. TrafficEnterprise is the ultimate solution for SmartCities thanks to its capabilities and range of functions. πŸŒ‡

πŸ“œ Setting up highway monitoring is easy! Try designing your own smart sensor on your simulated live stream in FLOWΒ΄s easy-to-use visual programming interface!

πŸ“₯ Download FLOW and follow along with our step by step guide here:

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