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Reserved Parking Space with FLOW

🚘 Many companies, especially the ones based in busy areas of cities, have given their employees the benefit of using company reserved parking spots. Imagine that you are one of the employees and come to your spot and it is taken by an unauthorized car. This is very inconvenient, especially if you were running late for a meeting because of traffic. How can you combat this? FLOW can function as a smart parking solution allowing you to get notified when an unfamiliar car is parked in your company parking lot. First, with this knowledge, you can go and try to park somewhere else. Second, FLOW enables you to gather data on the violating car such as its license plate and the duration of stay which you can use either to try and reach the driver or get the police to remove the car. You could also design a reserved parking lot by reading license plates at the entrance with a gate and letting through only authorized cars. These are only some of the solutions possible with FLOW AI-based computer vision framework.

We have prepared a guide to show you how to design a smart parking lot with only 3 operators in FLOW. You can watch the video and read the full guide here:

📥 You can download the FLOW demo kit here and follow along with the guide.

Did you know that DataFromSky provides multiple real-time computer-vision-based solutions? We provide both hardware and software and we can deliver a range of products that can fit a variety of use-cases and price ranges. For simple scenes, we have the smart TrafficCamera. For traffic management, we provide the TrafficEmbedded edge processing unit supporting multiple cameras to cover larger traffic junctions with ease. Apart from the TrafficEnterprise server-based solution we also offer the mobile processing unit TrafficDrone ideal for police and the army.

📧 Would you like to ask some questions about smart video analytics and how they can help you? Contact us at or drop us a message in the live chat.