Two years of DataFromSky

Recently, we celebrated two years since we started commercially! The DataFromSky team was formed shortly after starting RCE Systems as a robotics and computer vision company.

DataFromSky team photo

The decision to start offering traffic analysis using aerial video was a bold move, aiming for international market with a service instead of just contract work for Czech companies. The decision did pay off, though – we feel that at the moment we are the best in traffic analysis using UAVs, worldwide. Over the past two years, we kept growing: You can check the numbers in our earlier post, DataFromSky in numbers.

In case you are now confused about the names: DataFromSky is a service developed and offered internationally by the Czech company RCE Systems s.r.o.. You can check out some of the other things that we did contractually. Of course, only some of the projects are listed. We had the fortune of working with eg. Saab or Lasvit, just to name some.

In any case, we are busy with some new things for DataFromSky. Keep following us for more!

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New: gate pair statistics and track colour by direction

Summer is a time for leisure, vacations and work pace is slower. DataFromSky did not completely sleep, though. Two new functions of the Viewer are now available!

Gate pair statistics

This function is a generalization of origin-destination matrix. For an O/D matrix you need counts. DataFromSky can give you more, though: Instead of just counts, we also offer timing statistics – minimum, maximum, average and median plus standard deviation.

The Viewer got a new dialog for this. It shows a matrix of gates, and tabs for the various measures. When you select a cell, the pair of gates is highlighted as well as the path that vehicles take. If you select more, the highlight colours vary. This way you can easily look at the timings and see what belongs where. If the displays in image overlap, no problem – just drag them where they do not bother you.

Track colour by direction

The second new feature allows you to visually discern what paths vehicles take, too. You can now set individual tracks (trajectories) to be coloured according to entry and exit gate combination. Thus you can easily see where a given vehicle goes, and if you select the non-present tracks to be visible, you can even see the paths all of these vehicles collectively take.

With the direction colouring, this allows easy inspection of eg. lane utilization.

All of the colours can be configured – you can even customize the display to your company brand colour scheme, if you so desire, for images to be included in reports.

We hope you like both of the new additions. We have an endless list of things that can be added or improved, so expect more to come – and keep watching us to learn about more of these exciting developments!

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Dynasim model improvement using our data

Did you know that DataFromSky can provide data for simulation calibration? Citilabs, a traffic modeling software house, recently tried using data captured by DataFromSky to calibrate a model in Cube Dynasim, one of their tools. For the case study, a roundabout in Genestrerio was selected.

The simulation was calibrated based on a comparatively short recording. The resulting observed parameters matched reality reasonably well: flows within 6%, travel time 20%, average speed 16%. This shows that DataFromSky can provide valuable data for simulation, allowing modeling of areas larger than capturable by DFS and contributing greatly to the model prediction quality.

Citilabs have created a presentation which you can browse, as well as a video.


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DataFromSky in Czech Newspaper

Page from Economic Newspaper with finalist medallions Czech Newspaper Hospodářské Noviny (Economic Newspaper) reported about a startup competition Nápad roku (Idea of the year). There were two pages dedicated to the event, with some space allocated to participant profiles. We took part in the competition, too, so the name DataFromSky appeared there as well. The profile reads:

Founders: David Herman, Aleš Marvan
Subject: Development of mobile robots and machine vision methods
DataFromSky is an unique tool for analysis of dynamic phenomenons using UAVs, which builds on advanced machine vision algorithms. It offers innovative approaches to interpretation of gathered data about all traffic members in the area of traffic monitoring. We teach drones to see.

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Dynamic heatmaps

We are happy to announce yet another function in DataFromSky Viewer: We have added dynamic mode to heatmaps. Previously, the heatmap displayed data taken from the whole length of video, statically. With dynamic mode, the visualized quantity is taken from an interval around current time.

You can see that there is a lot of potential in having this visualization. The current selection of quantities isn’t everything, of course. We are planning to add various other heatmap options like density, flow, time to collision and others. Follow our news to learn more when these are ready!

In other news, the FAA of USA today finally managed to produce regulations for commercial drone use, ending the legal vacuum or somewhat gray area. Hopefully, this will serve as an example to other countries when deciding how to regulate drones. The focus on safety and privacy is something very understandable. We’re also happy to note that the requirements are very reasonable and operations around road traffic are not significantly hampered!

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