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Intertraffic 2024
16 - 19 April 2024
Amsterdam / Netherlands
22 - 23 May 2024
Coventry / England

Adaptive traffic with smart cameras – interveiw with Josip Ratkaj – Traff Signal

Did you know you can use smart cameras with FLOW on-board video analytics for adaptive traffic control? That is exactly what our partners from Traffsignal, a controller manufacturer based in Croatia did. They utilise our advanced video analytics for detection of all road traffic participants and use this data for traffic control.
Josip Ratkaj also higlighted in the interview how swifly they were able to integrate their solutions with our thanks to quick response times in our communication but also quick implementation of requested customizations. He also shared the future plans of providing the traffic data publicly to municipality to allow drivers check the current traffic flow.
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