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Next generation of video analytics for real-time traffic data – FLOW videoanalytics

Start gathering traffic data in a few clicks with FLOW! Get not only turning movement counts but also detailed traffic statistics including vehicle categories, colors, precise trajectories for the whole monitored area, license plates, speed data, and more. FLOW is the ultimate traffic framework allowing you to design the traffic sensor exactly the way you want. Thanks to the trajectory-based design, user-friendly drag and drop controls, and a range of elements and filtering tools at your disposal you can use FLOW for a range of tasks at the same time. Adaptively control traffic, control interactive traffic signs to increase road safety, monitor bus/tram stop occupancy for on-demand public transport or detect road-side parking occupancy.
FLOW is utilizing the next generation of video analysis tools using the power of AI and NVIDIA processors to mine valuable traffic data. Thanks to this technology is not only useful and reliable but also affordable. You can get a smart camera starter kit for traffic monitoring for only 690€. Learn more about the offer here.

FLOW runs on range of devices including TrafficEmbedded units that support multiple cameras and are ideal for complete monitoring of intersections but also TrafficEnterprise servers that can utilize existing camera infrastructure. FLOW solutions can be integrated easily thanks to open API, Webhooks, I/O interfaces and other data communication options.

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Source video courtesy of Rawmobility, users of DataFromSky.