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Headway monitoring with Central Bohemian police directorate – TrafficDrone by DataFromSky

Central Bohemian police directorate is deploying TrafficDrone for improving road safety. The aerial perspective combined with DataFromSky analytics brings new possibilities for evaluating driver behavior. In the Czech Republic, tailgating ranks among the four major causes of serious car accidents.

Until now, it was impossible to measure tailgating efficiently in the field. That has changed with the introduction of DataFromSky real-time analytic framework FLOW and TrafficDrone. The aerial view allows not only for precise measurement of headways but also for detection of speeding, aggressive driving, heavy braking, and other dangerous driver behaviors that lead to fatal road accidents.
Data collected in the current campaign will be used for adjusting the valid legislation in order to allow for efficient enforcement of safe distances. For the time being, Czech policemen take advantage of the real-time analysis for educating drivers in the field.

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