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Harness the power of real-time traffic analytics

Getting precise traffic data from a however complex scene is easy with AI analysis. DataFromSky TrafficSurvey gives you the ability to do a top-level survey of any length and scale while providing you with all data that you can think of. Get your sample video analyzed for free at

What can you get with our TrafficSurvey?

↔️ Origin-Destination reports, TMCs, gap acceptance times, etc…

📍 Current speed, acceleration, and position of all objects

🎥 Works with any camera type – CCTV, drone, ultra-wide, fisheye, low-res, 4k

📊 Safety analysis based on predictive models (time-to-collision, heavy braking, post-encroachment time)

📚 Variety of exports including CSV, excel files & position data

✂️ Fully interactive analysis – measure & count at any place you need

📈 Precise trajectory data for traffic research including objects’ dimensions

🎨 Variety of visualization options to help you create great visual material for your presentation

🗺️ Large area analysis capability thanks to video merging

and much more…

🔎 🚗 Get 3 hours of traffic videos analyzed on our AI platform for free –

🎥 🚗 Interested in real/time solutions instead? Check out the multipurpose traffic analysis FLOW engine at

📧 For any inquiries please contact us at or using our live chat.

Video by Kwasi Perry from UAV Survey LLC