TrafficSurvey – Video post-processing platform

FLOW interfaces list

Truly smart cities need technologies that can be connected to other systems. FLOW was designed with this in mind as it currently supports multiple interfaces and protocols. FLOW devices can communicate with V2X RSUs to warn the drivers about any dangers ahead. Open API allows seamless integration with smart city platforms. Via relay expanders, you can physically turn on/off anything connected based on the situation detected in the video. What is more, the measured data can be packed into the form which is possible to send using IoT networks such as LORA. FLOW is also integrated with VMS – Milestone Systems and other systems and devices…
FLOW allows you to gather and utilize a wide variety of actionable traffic data from camera streams which can be used to adaptively manage traffic, increase road safety, detect traffic violations, manage parking, or facilitate on-demand public transport. All this can be easily achieved by connecting existing camera networks to our server-based solution the TrafficEnterprise. Try FLOW today for free! Get the FLOW demokit here.