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Let's meet!

FLOW has been integrated with XProtect VMS by Milestone Systems using Milestone AI Bridge

FLOW has been integrated with XProtect by Milestone Systems

using the new Milestone AI Bridge! DataFromSky with the FLOW universal video analytics framework focused on real-time applications was chosen as one of 3 pioneers together with Two-i and SmartCow to integrate their solutions with XProtect. Thanks to this robust integration it is now very easy to arm get existing camera networks managed by Milestone VMS with the state-of-the-art AI video analytics capabilities of FLOW with our TrafficEnterprise server-based solution – perfect for use by cities for traffic monitoring, smart parking, and security.

Our Sales Director Tomáš Šárocký will be presenting a session on this topic: Advanced Video Traffic Analysis Integrated with Milestone where you will be able to see a unique traffic safety use case of FLOW working hand in hand with Milestone VMS. The session is on 16.11.2021, 11:45 – 12:00 CET.

The Milestone Developer Conference is this week on Tuesday and Wednesday 15.11 and 16.11. Our presentation is only one of many interesting presentations to see and there is much to be learned at the event about AI video analytics and VMSs. We encourage you to register for the free conference and learn more here.

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