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FLOW available on AXIS DLPU cameras

Try FLOW Traffic on Axis Communications cameras for free! The full feature FLOW traffic framework has been ported to AXIS DLPU cameras already with the FLOW 1.9 version for our technological partners. Now, with FLOW 1.12 which has the AXIS official signature, anyone can get it easily! Get your 30-day free trial of FLOW using your Axis camera’s serial number on the AXIS License key registration page.

With FLOW on your AXIS DLPU camera, you get a truly all-in-one solution thanks to local processing, and FLOW that allow you to extract a variety of real-time data on the spot. You can use it for traffic monitoring, adaptive traffic management, violation detection, and enforcement. What is more, this solution is GDPR compliant because of the local processing and FLOW’s dynamic face and license plate anonymization.

To help you grab your free trial and set up FLOW you can refer to this article.

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