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Edge AI data – counts, speeds, traffic control, and more – all in a single solution

πŸŽ₯ πŸš— πŸ“‘ πŸ“Š Looking for a way to make your roads safer and traffic smoother? Look no further. FLOW is a powerful multipurpose solution with a range of uses. Gather a variety of traffic statistics in user-defined time intervals including classified counts, average speeds, gap times, level of service data, etc… Monitor and manage traffic, detect obstacles, manage parking, and more – all possible with just a single FLOW device. The real-time nature of FLOW ensures immediate reaction on wrong-way vehicles or emerging traffic jams. FLOW allows you to utilize both the power of real-time data as well as valuable long-term data all in a GDPR compliant way. Any possible data loss due to connectivity is prevented thanks to autosaves.

FLOW runs on the TrafficCamera and TrafficEmbedded EDGE devices with convenient local processing. TrafficCamera is a super easy to deploy plug n play solution for simple scenes. The powerful TrafficEmbedded is able to support multiple cameras great for analyzing complex junctions.

And for #smartcities there is the centralized server-based TrafficEnterprise able to easily process a range of smart data from the whole city in one place.

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Video provided by RAW Mobility – users of TrafficSurvey