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Dynamic Anonymization – Anonymized video streaming

🎥 👦 Are GDPR or other privacy policies a problem when using video analytics? Not with FLOW!
🗿 Dynamic anonymization is a new advanced feature in FLOW 1.11. When the objects and their specific parts such as faces and license plates are detected they can be anonymized with a variety of anonymization options. The options include solid color, pixelization, linear blur, and Gaussian blur and you can set the anonymization strength from 1 to 10. You are also able to anonymize whole regions of footage such as housing in the area to increase the privacy of the residents. And the last and very cool bit – you stream the clean anonymized video with FLOW to other devices via RTSP stream. What does this all mean? You can design the anonymization exactly the way you want and provide valuable data and statistics and satisfy your client’s strict privacy policy requirements at the same time.
📥 Do you want to see it for yourself? Download FLOW demo kit here
💡 Learn more about Anonymization in more detail in this article:

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