TrafficSurvey – Video post-processing platform

Realization of smart traffic intersection with adaptive signalling in Zlin

Upgrade of fixed-time signalized intersection to an adaptively controlled one is quite easy and cost-efficient when using FLOW technology. This was recently proven in one of our realizations in the Czech Republic which is running for more than 4 months now. To cover the whole intersection and the connecting roads to a distance of at least 80 meters, we mounted 3 + 1 Axis Communications cameras. Real-time processing of video streams is performed by our TrafficXRoads unit which is installed in the traffic control cabinet. The unit communicates directly with the CROSS Zlín controller using the UDP data protocol. The detection tasks have been configured remotely via FLOW INSIGHTS.
The system emulates the function of 8 inductive loops, collecting the traffic data and measuring the performance. The complete non-intrusive upgrade of the intersection took about 3.5 hours without the need to interrupt the traffic or damage the road in any way.
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