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DataFromSky in Nvidia ebook

DataFromSky, a proud NVIDIA AI Metropolis program partner, has been featured in the new AI for smart spaces ebook with its smart parking solution from Køge Nord Station in Denmark.

Cities face many challenges and parking is one of the more significant ones. One way of dealing with insufficient parking space in cities is to encourage more people to come to the city by public transport which however also requires specific infrastructure in place.

To improve public transportation accessibility to Copenhagen a large parking lot was built next to Køge Nord Station for which DataFromSky has provided ParkingDetection, a smart parking management system with features such as individual parking space occupancy detection, mobile parking fee payments, or navigation to free parking spaces. The solution was created in cooperation with COWI our partner for Nordic countries. The system provided great value also thanks to a variety of features but also thanks to each of the monitoring cameras covering up to 400 parking spaces.

 You can download the ebook here:

ParkingDetection is only one of many DataFromSky products. With our powerful FLOW engine solutions, you can not only detect parking lot occupancy but also monitor traffic, control traffic, and more – all of it at the same time with a single system. FLOW is very accessible thanks to its intuitive visual programming and range of integration options such as open API, Webhooks, LORA or I/O interface modules.

 If you would like to discuss a smart solution for parking, traffic monitoring, traffic control or all of them at the same time get in touch with us at to learn more about FLOW and other solutions or you can head over to our page.