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Bicycle path monitoring – Active mobility preview – richer data and new categories

We understand the importance of working toward sustainability goals and their implications for mobility in cities. The initiatives for improving the availability of safe and smooth ways to move around cities on foot or by bicycle play a crucial role in achieving them. To be able to make good decisions in implementing them, the municipalities need comprehensive data to realize traffic solutions that take into account the complexity of modern city traffic. To help with this we will be introducing the FLOW active mobility. In the video, you can see a short preview.

FLOW active mobility is a group of upcoming improvements bringing more detailed categorization of and richer data on the traffic participants. In the video, you can see that FLOW is detecting not only pedestrians and cyclists but also scooters, and even prams and wheelchairs. Additionally, we are now able to determine age (child, adult. senior) and gender (male, female). With such detailed data, it is now easy to gain a deep understanding of active mobility to be able to better design public spaces, cyclist paths, and cities as a whole. Create breakdowns by category, direction, age or time and gather long terms statistics thanks to FLOW. These features will be available in the applications both on the Azena store and Axis Communications’s ACAP.

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