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AI + IoT = AIoT: What’s in it for next-generation video surveillance?

Responsive and interactive advertising can take up many forms and does not need to be just a domain of online shopping as Azena highlighted in their AIoT article that featured our FLOW retail application. Thanks to the innovations in video analytics technology it is quite affordable to do things like starting advertising videos when people pass through a defined “line” or enter a zone. Not enough? Then you can detect the color of their clothing or their age and gender and based on it highlight specific products or offers and help people navigate to the product’s locations. Suddenly you have an innovative way to improve your customer experience and boost your sales. What is more, it is something impressive people will talk about with others mentioning your store name in the process.
Apart from responsive advertising FLOW retail can provide you with valuable store hotspot heatmaps for better product placement, trigger alerts to send employees to cash registers, or give you valuable data like the current number of people in the store. You can get 30 trial of the FLOW retail application for smart cameras here.
Want to use your existing CCTV cameras? Get our on-premise servers of varying sizes instead.
Read the full article from Azena here.

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