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Traffic jam detection and traffic flow management with FLOW Insights

🚦 πŸš— πŸš• πŸš™ Why did you stop? Oh. You are stuck in traffic! Traffic management can help you move on and live your life without spending precious time just waiting in your car. FLOW real-time solutions are ideal for adaptive traffic control. Not only that but also wrong-way driving detection or increasing pedestrian safety. Real-time data is great but FLOW can also provide you with long-term traffic data and statistics for traffic studies and city planning. 🏁

πŸš€ FLOW is the way to go in every situation. πŸš€

Simple two-lane road? – EDGE TrafficCamera

Perfect detection in an intersection? – EDGE TrafficEmbedded

Traffic data from the entire city? – Server-powered TrafficEnterpise

⏳ In a couple of clicks, you can design your own traffic sensor. Download the FLOW Insights demo and create the detector you need. πŸ“₯

πŸ’‘ Do you have an idea of how you could use a high-end traffic detection system? We are here to help you create the ideal solution for your needs! Comment with your use-case or drop us an email atπŸ’Œ