Traffic analysis is easy with diverse yet precise data – TrafficSurvey

πŸ”πŸš— Following a precise trajectory of a car through the whole monitored area is easy with the TrafficSurvey tool. We have been providing super-accurate traffic data to traffic surveyors, researchers, and other industry professionals since 2013. Have you tried it yet? Get 3 hours of fully automated video analysis done right now at:

What can you do with TrafficSurvey?

↔️ Origin-Destination reports, TMCs, gap acceptance times, etc…

πŸ“ Current speed, acceleration, and position of all objects

πŸ“Š Safety analysis based on predictive models (time-to-collision, heavy breaking, post-encroachment time)

πŸ“š Variety of exports including csv, excel files & position data

βœ‚οΈ Fully interactive analysis – measure & count at any place you need

πŸ“ˆ Precise trajectory data for traffic research including objects’ dimensions

πŸ—ΊοΈ Large area analysis capability thanks to video merging

and much more…

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Footage provided by Planum – users of DataFromSky TrafficSurvey