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Multiple object tracking benchmark video challenge with DataFromSky AI

A couple of years back a challenge was posted to test and benchmark video computer vision capabilities for tricky multiple object tracking. As you can see in the video DataFromSky AI does a great job of detecting and accurately tracking the objects for the whole duration of the video and does so even despite minor occlusions and unpredictable movements thanks to the advancements in DNN.

DataFromSky aims to be a pioneer in video analytics for traffic analysis and research. Over the years we have continuously improved our detection capabilities and trajectory-driven design. We have also added many functionalities to our TrafficSurvey for offline analysis and in recent years we have developed and improved the FLOW engine for real-time analysis. Computer vision is only getting better and cheaper and it is at a point where it already provides more value and functionality compared to other traffic sensing technologies. What is your experience with computer vision technologies and their different uses?

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