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Success story from Ulm

📰 We have been featured in the May issue of IHE Technical News with the story about traffic jam detection in Ulm (DE). It is a very good example of how AI video analysis can help to gather valuable data that can improve traffic. Our unique traffic analysis framework FLOW is used for the detection and tracking of vehicles in the 400-meter long road segment monitored by multiple cameras. This approach is a much more cost-effective but also non-intrusive alternative compared to the previously suggested method of using induction loops. The traffic data is gathered in FLOW and then sent in required intervals to the smart city platform where it is aggregated and visualized on a virtual twin of the road.

🙌 This project was done in cooperation with our partners CROSS Zlín, a.s. and Incinity responsible for installation and smart city platform system respectively. Members of the INSTITUTE OF HIGHWAY ENGINEERS can read the story now in their latest issue and we will be releasing a more detailed version of this article in near future on our web. 📰

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