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Reserved lane and other traffic violations detection with FLOW

Reserved lane violations can cause significant issues for public transportation delaying it, inconveniencing passengers, and causing frustration. However, FLOW traffic video analytics can help with this and can also detect many other types of traffic violations.

FLOW’s built-in license plate detection system can identify the vehicles responsible for violations, enabling targeted enforcement actions to be taken against repeat offenders to improve compliance and road safety. Other violations that FLOW can detect include: red light running, stop sign running, speeding, wrong-way driving, illegal lane change, lane direction violation, gap times and more…

Analyze streams from existing camera infrastructure on in-house servers for traffic violation enforcement to improve traffic safety and efficiency but you should know that FLOW can also do many other things! To learn more about how FLOW can help your city traffic-free, please visit our website or contact us at

Try FLOW with our demokit or get in touch to connect your camera stream to our server for free testing.