Need to extract number plates for your traffic study?

❓ Need a larger traffic study? The video license-plate based approach is a well-known option for such cases. 🌎 But what about privacy? ⭐️ DataFromSky ⭐️ comes with a new optional feature that reads the license plates in a way that makes it impossible to get any personal data. How does it work?

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DataFromSky AI cares about security and privacy so it uses a hash function to convert the detected number plate to another identifier that is not reversible but unique to the vehicle (as the plain license plate is). The extracted data will still contain information about the behavior of the object, but will no longer include sensitive information. βœ”οΈ

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DataFromSky at Deloitte competition Technology #Fast50

πŸŽ‰ We have been awarded in Deloitte competition Technology #Fast50 category by Deloitte as the 10th fastest-growing company in the Czech Republic and the 23rd fastest-growing company in the whole Central Europe with 729% revenue growth. Big thanks go mainly to our partners and customers who believe in us and help us to achieve our goals and dreams & to all DataFromSky team! πŸ’™

It’s a great encouragement for the next Innovation in the smart city industry we are working on now ⭐️ the FLOW ⭐️ one framework for all traffic tasks which will be introduced at Smart City Expo World Congress in hashtag#Barcelona on 19th-21th November. More information at I will be more than happy to see you there. πŸš™ 🚌 🚚 πŸ›΅

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Get TRAFFIC DATA easier than sending the email!

Don’t believe it – watch out the video below and see for yourself. Learn how to upload a video or how to view and analyze your results. Go to ⭐️ ⭐️ and try to analyze your own video and get all the features like current speed, acceleration/deceleration, safety analysis, configurable gate counting including O/D matrix, travel and occupancy times, headways, Gap time & Time to follow analysis, capacity estimations and many more.
πŸ’‘ Don’t know how to capture the perfect video? We also prepared a manual for this! Read this article for Aerial video and this for Light video
If you don’t have an account yet. Register now at πŸ‘‰ πŸ‘ˆ and get three credits for start! Join DataFromSky and become a traffic expert! πŸš— 🚌 πŸš›
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DataFromSky at Night of Scientists

DataFromSky presented at the annual event – πŸŒ™ Night of Scientists 2019 which take place on Friday September 27th in many scientific and educational institutions throughout the Czech Republic. The theme of this year’s scientists’ night was: 🌍 “Gentle to the planet”. We presented our long-term cooperation with Brno University of Technology, which is supported by Technology Agency of the Czech Republic. Whole presentation was very successful. We received the most questions about our safety analysis, which attracted the audience the most.

Follow us ⭐️ DataFromSky ⭐️ and get the newest information about our services. Or go to πŸ‘‰ and try it for free.

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DataFromSky analyzed city center in Trondheim, Norway

DataFromSky helps with streets redesign in the center of Trondheim in Norway! Have a look at the great visualization from our DataFromSky tool!

Due to the introduction of the Metro bus system in Trondheim, our of the main streets leading into and through the city center will be redesigned. Elgeseter gate, which is the main road to the city center from the south is one of these streets. Over 22 000 vehicles drive through the street every day and approximately 100 buses pass in each direction in the peak hour. The street gives access to the University Hospital as well as the university in Trondheim, offices and residences. DataFromSky Partner – COWI – is making a zoning plan for the street and will do an analysis of different design alternatives. DataFromSky delivers in-depth analysis of the whole corridor in order to get knowledge about traffic flows, both cars, pedestrians and bicycles.
Do you want to help improve the traffic conditions in your city? DataFromSky will help you – contact us with a query!

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