TrafficSurvey – Video post-processing platform

FLOW: State-of-the-art traffic video analytics for traffic monitoring and adaptive traffic control

The next generation of real-time road traffic data gathering has a name: FLOW!

What is FLOW? A cutting-edge video analytics solution with 17 traffic object classes.

How can FLOW make your life easier?
• It provides a variety of detailed data you can rely on
• It is a one-solution stop for almost all traffic event types and use cases
• It seamlessly integrates with other systems thanks to open API, Webhooks, I/O interfaces, etc…
• It is easy to bid within tenders as it costs less while doing much more than similar solutions
• It has one UI across all FLOW solutions (smart cameras, edge multi-camera units, servers)

Try it now with the FLOW desktop demo kit or get in touch at to connect your RTSP stream for free server testing.