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DataFromSky Real-time traffic monitoring

πŸŽ₯ πŸš— πŸŒ† Real-time traffic monitoring has many uses that smart cities love. Adaptive traffic management, accident detection, and prevention or traffic violation detection – all can be done with DataFromSky traffic analysis tools. Range of traffic data can be obtained using cameras and AI video analysis. You can get speeds, precise vehicle trajectories, classification into 7 categories of traffic participants, stationary duration, or license plate and in a GDPR compliant manner.

You can start your journey in traffic analysis from video with TrafficSurvey for video post-processing that offers a range of accurate data for traffic researchers, surveyors, and consultants. Then you can move on to real-time traffic analysis solutions such as the plug n play TrafficCamera allowing analysis of a single scene. Next, there is the TrafficEmbedded able to run up to 6 cameras, ideal for bigger traffic junctions. Lastly, there is the TrafficEnterprise server solution that can be integrated with existing CCTV camera networks. All of these real-time solutions run the powerful traffic analysis framework FLOW. The high degree of customizability of the FLOW engine allow you to easily tailored the detection and data outputs to your specific needs. FLOW analytics are programmed in the interactive user-friendly FLOW Insights that gives you access to a range of tools for gathering, filtering, visualizing, and communicating the data. You can design your own highway traffic sensor in minutes so why not download the FLOW Insights demo kit and try it now!

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