Dangerous overtaking captured from a drone – Traffic analysis with DataFromSky

πŸš— πŸš€β“ Is this safe? Dangerous overtaking can cause very serious accidents especially when the cars going in opposite directions crash into each other head-on. Overtaking accidents are usually caused by aggressive drivers. To help prevent accidents it is important to monitor traffic and educate the drivers that exhibit these behaviors. DataFromSky traffic analysis tools allow you to get a wide range of precise data detecting traffic violations and dangerous situations such as speeding, wrong-way driving, stop sign running, or U-turns.

We offer both offline and real-time processing solutions based on your needs. TrafficSurvey is a top-level tool for traffic surveyors and researchers across the world providing easy access to traffic counts, OD matrices, turning movement counts, and much more. Then there is the FLOW traffic analysis framework that runs on multiple devices and is perfect for real-time applications such as adaptive traffic or accident prevention but also for long-term statistics for smart city platforms. Two of our solutions the TrafficCamera and TrafficEmbedded process data on the edge proving truly real-time data but we also offer the centralized solution the TrafficEnterprise allowing convenient integration with existing camera networks.

▢️ Learn more about the multipurpose traffic framework FLOW in this short video: https://lnkd.in/de9ndfW

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