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AID and traffic monitoring in tunnels with FLOW

Timely detection and response to incidents are crucial in tunnels since fire and smoke can be very dangerous there. Our FLOW traffic monitoring system is used for automatic incident detection in tunnels and can recognize and send alerts about a variety of events like fire, smoke, fallen object, traffic jam, stopped vehicle or pedestrian or animal on the road. These detections can be communicated in the form of events into various VMS systems that are integrated with FLOW.
This solution is usually deployed in the form of a TrafficEnteprise server with a failover but it can also run on various smart cameras. With these solutions, you get both reliable live traffic data as well as long-term statistics.
Check out the FLOW demokit and set up your own traffic video analytics with ease.
Are you working on a tunnel or a highway traffic monitoring project right now? Get in touch with us at to discuss a POC.