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Let's meet!
Intertraffic 2024
16 - 19 April 2024
Amsterdam / Netherlands
22 - 23 May 2024
Coventry / England
Let's meet!

▶️ Webinar n.5 recording is available! – Parking detection in action ▶️

We had a webinar this Tuesday and quite a few people showed up. If you were not among the lucky ones who made it you can check out the webinar recording here:

🎥🌇 #ParkingDetection is a cost-effective parking system by #DataFromSky allowing you to monitor up to 100 spaces with a single camera. It is based on the #FLOW analytics which enables a range of solutions. Some other FLOW solutions that we offer are the two edge solutions the TrafficCamera which is suited for simple two-way scenes and the TrafficEmbedded that works well with complex scenes like busy city intersections. We also have the centralized TrafficEnterprise which can be easily connected to existing camera networks and cover whole cities. 🎥🌇

🎥🚗Learn more about ParkingDetection here: 🎥🚗