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U-turns detection with FLOW

β†ͺ️ 🚚 To U-turn or not to U-turn? U-turn can save you some time but can be a very dangerous maneuver if it is performed at the wrong place or time. #FLOW can help by detecting illegal U-turns which can together with other measures reduce this unwanted behavior and prevent crashes. See how to design a U-turn detector and improve road safety in no time!

πŸŒ‡ Using our visual traffic language FLOW is a walk in the park and it allows you to create a mega smart multi-sensor solution from ordinary video streams. Apart from U-turns, FLOW can also be used to report wrong-way driving, red-runners, and many other traffic violations. We offer multiple solutions with various uses. For Edge processing, we offer the TrafficCamera and TrafficEmbedded, and for centralized server processing the TrafficEnterprise.

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