TrafficSurvey – Video post-processing platform

TrafficSurvey User guide showcase

Is doing traffic surveys hard? It depends on you, how deep you want to dive in, and whether you have the materials and tools to help you do it.

Do you need simple traffic counts? You can export them in 1-3 minutes by setting up a couple of gates and exporting a traffic report.
Are you doing road safety analysis? Here you can go into more detail and choose from multiple types of analysis including PET, TTC, heavy braking, or gap times detection, each of them allowing you to set the ranges and definitions to help you compare the data and make it relevant to what you are trying to find out. Here, some detailed guidance might be helpful. For such occasions, we have our Help Section or a 100-page Manual to help you drill down to even the nitty-gritty detail of the features and capabilities of our TrafficSurvey. Simply tap F1 or click on Help/Open user guide in TrafficSurvey Viewer. Let’s make traffic smoother and safer together!