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TrafficEmbedded unit was deployed

Thanks to our partners, we have already deployed our #TrafficEmbedded units for real-time traffic management in more than 12 countries! The uses range from just counting pedestrians and cyclists to monitoring vehicles on highways but the technology for all of them is the same. That is the power of the FLOW framework running on the unit!

What makes TrafficEmbedded special?

πŸ’ͺ The most advanced video edge processing powered by NVIDIA Embedded- Jetson XAVIER

πŸ“‘ Multiple connectivity options – LTE / LORA (IoT) / WiFi

πŸ”§ Easy installation, IP66, antivandal box

TrafficEmbedded comes with a lot of add-ons like the LORA module, 5G/LTE modem, and IO expanders for controlling traffic lights, opening gates or activating LED panels based on the customized video events.

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