TrafficSurvey – Video post-processing platform

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The partnership between DataFromSky and NVIDIA AI

🤝The partnership between DataFromSky and NVIDIA AI is a very special one. Thanks to the most powerful GPUs, the FLOW solutions can accurately detect the traffic data. 🎯

TrafficEmbedded as a local processing unit is powered by NVIDIA’s Jetson family. With that, it can bring the computational power right to the edge, where is the camera source. 🎥

TrafficEnterprise is, on the other hand, running on the most powerful NVIDIA Tesla T4, which gives exceptional results right on your central server. 💻

Give your cameras the sixth traffic sense, which is backed by one of the strongest player in the AI segment. Detect all traffic participants and create a sensor as you wish! 🚗🚐🚌🚚🚲

Try the power of FLOW on your own.