TrafficSurvey – Video post-processing platform

Real-time highway traffic monitoring

πŸŽ₯ 🚐 Highway monitoring was never easier – with FLOW, you can turn any IP camera into a smart traffic sensor in just a few seconds. Get real-time data such as the level of service, traffic counts or speed and increase safety by detecting wrong-way driving or blocking vehicles. No need for manual counting – the data is extracted from video using AI. Explore the capabilities of the FLOW framework:

🚦 EDGE processing

β€’ Plug n play TrafficCamera for simple scenes such as straight two-lane roads

β€’ Versatile TrafficEmbedded for high precision in complex traffic scenarios or support of up to 6 cameras monitoring simple scenes.

πŸ“Š Server/Cloud processing

β€’ Powerful TrafficEmbedded capable of processing an unlimited number of camera streams and even being able to work with existing camera networks.

πŸ’ͺ Claim the power of FLOW devices through the intuitive visual interface of FLOW Insights and achieve seamless integration with open API, LoRaWAN and I/O interface support.

✏️ Take a few seconds and design your own sensor now! Download the FLOW Insights demokit and follow along with the guide here:


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