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New version of DFS Viewer!

📣 DataFromSky released a new version of Viewer with an amazing set of traffic analytic and visualization functions. Especially a follow-me mode with distance measuring and time-gaps video exports are awesome! Look at the videos and try it for free at on your own! 🚗 🚌 🚛 🚲🛵

New release comes with a lot of updates, bug fixes, and other improvements including:

➡️ user georegistration – if you need speed, acceleration, and distance-based data

➡️ increase the precision of localization – up to 30 cm

➡️ improved visualization of time and distance gaps – new level of data understanding

➡️ video contrast and brightness adjustment – for perfect video presentation of your traffic survey

➡️ tags – give the object names you need

➡️ license plate support – complete framework for filtration, export, and visualization

➡️ traffic analytic features permissions – share your traffic data with your clients and select which analytical functions will be allowed for them (only for licensed versions)

➡️ automatic updates – never miss a new version of Viewer

Some of them would not have been possible without the help of the great DataFromSky community. Thank you all and don’t forget to share this post! 💙