TrafficSurvey – Video post-processing platform

New stabilization engine

⚖🎥 Better DIGITAL STABILIZATION for perfect traffic data from drones is here! The new solution is able to overcome all types of unwanted drone movements, big changes in the lighting, cuts in the video etc.

🌪 This means that you will always receive perfect traffic results even if the flying conditions are improper. 😉 And if not, you can count on our 100 % results guarantee. >>

🤔 What does it mean in practice?

  • more accurate speed measuring – speed profiles, safety analysis
  • precise distance data – time to follow, gap time, safety analysis
  • perfect traffic counts – OD matrix, TMC, traffic flow etc.
  •  you can use drone-swapping for longer recordings

Which DataFromSky products are affected?

➡ TrafficSurvey – advanced traffic analysis | try it for free at: | New? See our webinar >>
➡ TrafficDrone – real-time solution for traffic surveys and perimeter security based on Aerial Artificial Intelligence (AAI) | See more >>

Would you like to try it at your own drone/aerial videos? Please do at .

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