­čôó The masterpiece in traffic data extraction from drones – an open traffic dataset called pNEUMA is here!

100 busy intersections / 0.5 million of trajectories /  covered more than 1.3 km^2 / gathered by 10 drones flying simultaneously. A first-of-its-kind experiment with open results was realized by professor Geroliminis and Emmanouil (Manos) Barmpounakis from EPFL (├ëcole polytechnique f├ęd├ęrale de Lausanne), who provided the video data and analyzed by DataFromSky AI (www.datafromsky.com).

A swarm of drones hovered over the central business district of Athens over multiple dates to record traffic streams in congested areas with more than 100 km-lanes of the network. From each video, trajectory data was extracted by the most advanced traffic intelligence DataFromSky and merged into the one traffic scenario with multimodal interactions. ­čÜŚ ­čÜî ­čÜŤ ­čÜ▓ ­čĆŹ

Due to the extreme accuracy of telemetry data about each driver, the dataset is suitable for multimodal traffic research including simulation methods, behavior models, road safety analysis..

­čĺí Webpage of the project: https://lnkd.in/eyZA3RB

Ôťö´ŞĆAn article about the project: https://bit.ly/2wjvyut has