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How to guide – set up communication with your Traffic Controller in just a couple clicks

Adaptive Traffic Control is easy! Watch the video and see how you can set up UDP data communication of vehicle presence in zones from FLOW devices to your traffic controller. In the video, we are simulating this communication using FLOW Insights demokit and a Python Script that acts as a traffic controller receiving data. This way, everyone can try this – no special equipment or FLOW device is needed! Follow our written guide here:…/6530543-how-to-connect-a-flow…

FLOW runs on many devices including the TrafficXRoads edge units, which can analyze data from up to 6 IP cameras. It can also run directly in smart cameras such as our own TrafficCamera or many other smart cameras where FLOW can run as an application. Both of these solutions are ideal for adaptive traffic control thanks to low latency and the ability to communicate advanced traffic data to the traffic controller via UDP sinks or IO relays.

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