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Ferry and public transportation hub traffic analysis with TrafficSurvey

Are you struggling with analyzing large-area scenes packed with numerous small objects, irregular movements, and occasional occlusions for your traffic analysis? With our 100% Enhanced Traffic Video Analytics Service you can get research-grade data despite these challenges!
With TrafficSurvey, you can now achieve unparalleled accuracy and obtain research-grade data for your projects. Our unique analysis provides you with comprehensive insights allowing you to get large-scale OD matrices, heatmaps, and other position and speed data! Take control of your data analysis by leveraging our wide range of filtering, export, and visualization options, tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you require precise trajectory adjustments or need basic traffic counts for Turning Movement Counts, TrafficSurvey has you covered!
Get 1 hour of video analysis for free now! Upload now! Unleash the true potential of your traffic video data with TrafficSurvey and make informed decisions with confidence.
Video courtesy of COWI